What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

When we had our septic backup, it was a mess I knew I wasn’t touching. We had used SERVPRO at the place I work, so I gave them a call and couldn’t be happier with all of the cleanup and fine details the crew took care of.

Once I started to see a lot of water spots on the ceiling in our living room, I knew there was a leak somewhere. I didn’t know how to even start figuring it out, but Manny and the crew took care of everything for me and nothing has sprouted up since. 

Well, my dishwasher decided to blow a line while we were visiting family for a birthday party. We set it and forgot it until we got home and had water and suds everywhere. I tried the shop vac with no luck because everything was saturated, including the bottom of the kitchen island. SERVPRO came in fast and made sure some of the baseboards got replaced and everything was dry.

Never did I think we would have basement flood hassles because we’re not even in a flood zone. Once the basement started taking on water, we called SERVPRO to see what we could do. The trucks literally showed up in about an hour and started pulling water out. I would recommend the Jones team!

I noticed that some of the flooring around my kitchen cabinets at the dishwasher started to bulge up. We had some sort of a leak that made everything under the vinyl flooring swell. Brandon explained the restoration project and made us feel better about what had to get done.

My daughter forgot that she had the bathtub filling in the kid’s bathroom and what a mess that made. I tried to mop a lot of it up but noticed that there were water bubbles coming up from the bathroom flooring by the door. SERVPRO came in and took a look and got the cleaning going. Everything is good again.