What our Customers say...


Shawn, Ben, Dominic and Landon have all been outstanding! They are very patient and answer all questions well. I am very pleased with the crew that has been sent out this far. Will update this review as the work is getting completed.

Dominic was the best of the group along with his sidekicks. Friendly, caring and willing to go the extended mile. Very courteous!

Ben and Devon were quick and efficient. Very friendly. Will definitely use this company again.

The employees Dominic, Evan, Landon and Shawn were outstanding. They explained every step of the process and were always showed up on time. They made me feel so comfortable. I had nothing to worry about. I trusted these gentlemen explicitly. The job is complete. I can enjoy a mold free home again. Thank you so much gentlemen.

When we had our septic backup, it was a mess I knew I wasn’t touching. We had used SERVPRO at the place I work, so I gave them a call and couldn’t be happier with all of the cleanup and fine details the crew took care of.

We had to call SERVPRO a few years back with some water issues, so calling for fire remedies was a no brainer. I told my wife no candles but low and behold, a ton of damage to our family room finally happened. Such fast clean up, I cannot complain at all.

Even on a Sunday night, pretty late, the SERVPRO crew came out to help when we had some pretty nasty water damage from the storms. I was so happy they were able to get to work and make sure the project got started. They also made sure to follow up after everything was done.

I thought for sure that all of the sticky smoke would still be around after the project was done, but Brandon and the team made sure everything smelled and looked like new again. What a great fire cleaning crew! SERVPRO even assisted with the insurance claim process.

THANK YOU SERVPRO for helping my family after storm damage left us in a panic once we got home from vacation. We had water everywhere by the broken window and had warping around the sill. They took care of pulling everything out, drying, and taking care of the mildew that was growing a bit.

We had a fire and tried to clean it on our own, but being a large commercial facility, the smoke got into our HVAV system and that’s all we could smell. We had to call SERVPRO to take care of the odors because employees were complaining about the smell.

Having a bakery business for several years, I know how tough it is for us to be shut down. We noticed some mold after a kitchen leak that didn’t get cleaned up, but SERVPRO came in and cleaned everything meticulously.

Why try to clean up the mess after a sewage issue when it can be dangerous? SERVPRO has all of the equipment and safety protocols to handle it so I didn’t have to. I cannot thank Stephanie and the team enough. 

Never again will I work on a water task by myself. If you ever question hiring the pros, I can tell you that SERVPRO did everything I couldn’t do and they did it fast to clean up water, fix damage, and also inventory everything we lost with the flooding. 

Once I started to see a lot of water spots on the ceiling in our living room, I knew there was a leak somewhere. I didn’t know how to even start figuring it out, but Manny and the crew took care of everything for me and nothing has sprouted up since. 

We really couldn’t have guessed how great our experience would be with SERVPRO but we would hire you again for fire clean up or anything else disaster-related. Very fast and polite.

Once I started to smell damp, musty gross smells around my garage entry, I knew there was a leak somewhere. I am glad SERVPRO was able to tackle the job before it got worse and they even followed up with me later on.  

We had a small kitchen fire at our office building the week before important clients were coming to tour. The Jones team at SERVPRO was not only friendly and fast but they handled all of the planning to get contractors onsite to fix all finishing touches.

Our bed and breakfast had a pipe leak on one of our busiest weekends. We had several out of town people and wanted to make sure it got fixed fast. I contact SERVPRO and they were here in 2 hours so that the pipe could get fixed and all of the insulation that was wet got cleaned up quick.

I didn’t even know that SERVPRO offered tarp services, but I’m glad they do. We had lost a bunch of shingles with a wind and rain surge and started to have some leaks in our roof. They covered it all and we had them address the issue. They brought in equipment to dry everything and its good as new.

We had a storm last week but didn’t realize that we had so much water that started to pool around our back patio and deck until it had started seeping into the house. I’m so glad we called SERVPRO so they could help with all of the moisture because it was starting to get musty and gross smelling.

Well, my dishwasher decided to blow a line while we were visiting family for a birthday party. We set it and forgot it until we got home and had water and suds everywhere. I tried the shop vac with no luck because everything was saturated, including the bottom of the kitchen island. SERVPRO came in fast and made sure some of the baseboards got replaced and everything was dry.

My wife and I were apprehensive about calling in a team for such a small fire in our guest bathroom. But the SERVPRO guys made sure no smoke or mess was left behind. I would recommend to friends. 

I cannot stress enough how fantastic SERVPRO was with the fire we had in our garage. I had a lot of family keepsakes and some inventory for my online business stored in there, but they took care of cleaning and saving almost everything. What a godsend!

Never did I think we would have basement flood hassles because we’re not even in a flood zone. Once the basement started taking on water, we called SERVPRO to see what we could do. The trucks literally showed up in about an hour and started pulling water out. I would recommend the Jones team!

What a mess the fire left in my entryway. I had a lamp cord that shorted and sparks caused a blaze to sprout up. SERVPRO took care of everything and helped with the insurance so I didn’t have to stress.

My bike shop had a small fire because of some chemicals and paints. I worked to remove some of the debris, but I didn't think I should touch anything else. It was close to a few outlets. Manny and the staff handled everything fast and I only had to have the business shut down for just over a day. Thanks everyone!

The husband told me that we had storm precautions in place, but we didn’t plan on a window breaking during the storm. We got a lot of water in the house and some issues with our main floor from runoff. SERVPRO was so fast to come and start with pulling up water. So helpful!

I was amazed at how sticky and smelly the gunk was in our kitchen after we had a fire on the stove. It burned up the back of our backsplash and into the cabinets where food storage burned quick. Brian spoke with us about what we could expect, and the staff was so friendly the whole time. Highly recommend. 

I noticed that some of the flooring around my kitchen cabinets at the dishwasher started to bulge up. We had some sort of a leak that made everything under the vinyl flooring swell. Brandon explained the restoration project and made us feel better about what had to get done.

I learned the hard way why it was best to contact technicians to clean up after a big water spill. We had a large mop bucket that spilled over and I didn’t relize it went under the stove until the musty odors developed. SERVPRO had to set it up for drying, removal of flooring, and repair.

SERVPRO was very knowledgeable and worked with my team to make sure everyone at the production plant was safe during the clean-up. We had some water damage that messed with machinery, so they took care of making sure a trusted electrician helped with all of it. Such a fast, efficient, crew.

My girlfriend’s house is on a lot without any nearby trees so we were shocked when it got a bunch of roof damage during a storm we got. Branches busted into a skylight and we had water coming in. SERVPRO came out that same night and helped us get everything covered and talked us through the next steps.

We figured our house was a total loss with all of the debris and damage after the fire we had. A lot of the second floor was devastated, but SERVPRO came quick and make sure that every part of the cleanup got handled fast. We’re amazed it is just like no fire took place.

My daughter forgot that she had the bathtub filling in the kid’s bathroom and what a mess that made. I tried to mop a lot of it up but noticed that there were water bubbles coming up from the bathroom flooring by the door. SERVPRO came in and took a look and got the cleaning going. Everything is good again.