Recent Before & After Photos

Bloomingdale Fire Ravaged Bathroom

This home in Bloomingdale suffered an extreme fire damaging event requiring an almost total demolition and build back. The fire damaged bathroom, as shown in th... READ MORE

Bloomingdale Water Leak

The water line above the acoustical drop ceiling in this Bloomingdale restroom soaked the void with liquid. SERVPRO techs removed several ceiling tiles and the ... READ MORE

Fish Hawk Condo Muddy Cleanup

The ground floor of a condo unit can also have disadvantages, as shown in this Before Photo. The muddy, contaminated debris left behind after the water drained ... READ MORE

Fish Hawk Fire Damage Demolition

The Before Photo depicts sooty deposits on the walls of this bathroom in a Fish Hawk structure. The water damage compounded the harm caused by the fire, and our... READ MORE

Water Covered Flooring in Bloomingdale

The leak from the plumbing covered this hardwood oak flooring in Bloomingdale with water. The visible cupping in the Before Photo remained after our SERVPRO cre... READ MORE

Fish Hawk Flood and Mold Control

SERVPRO is the answer for floodwater removal, drying, and remediating mold damage. This Fish Hawk home's crawlspace depicts the extensive mold infestation that ... READ MORE

Day Care Center and Sewage

The backed-up sewer left behind contaminated, biohazardous debris in this Day Care center in Bloomingdale. As loathsome as it appears, the stench was worse. For... READ MORE

Bloomingdale Storm Damage Demolition

This residence in Bloomingdale was soaked with groundwater from a recent tropical storm. The Before Photo shows the initial mitigation by our SERVPRO crew. We p... READ MORE

Garage Fire in a Bloomingdale Residence

The After Photo shows the results of our SERVPRO technicians after cleaning up a fire-damaging occurrence in this Bloomingdale home. The walls have been wiped d... READ MORE

Bloomingdale Water Damage Cleanup

This condo in a Bloomingdale development had a broken water fitting under the sink. The seasonal owners were out of state and were alerted by their neighbors, w... READ MORE