Storm Damage Photo Gallery

wet floor, lobby sudsy

Stormwater Cleanup in Bloomingdale

The final stages of removing contaminated groundwater from a commercial building in Bloomingdale show an already clean lobby. SERVPRO can complete this job with fragrant light fogging to restore a pleasant ambient environment. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

tubes in wall at 4 foot level to dry voids

Storm Damage Mitigation in Bloomingdale

The rainwater penetrated the exterior of this house in Bloomingdale and soaked the wall voids. Since there was no insulation in this cramped space, our SERVPRO team used an injectidry system to force the warm air into the wall void and dry out the sheetrock and studs. We can patch the holes rather than demolish the wallboard and replace the panels with new material.

sludge, flood in a lobby

Bloomingdale Storm Encroachment

The mud and silt deposited on the tiled floor in the lobby of this Bloomingdale business center were categorized as Black Water, contaminated with hazardous materials. SERVPRO has the skilled technicians to safely remove the groundwater, sludge and disinfect the common area for reentry by patrons and employees.

water damaged ceiling tiles, exposed ducts and lighting

Bloomingdale Roof and Water Damage

The flat roof in this Bloomingdale commercial structure was water damaged, as depicted in the Photo, requiring SERVPRO's rapid response to secure the area. We tarped the damaged roof area and removed sagging and wet ceiling tiles from the interior space. We can then remove the excess moisture with our advanced equipment before repairing the damaged building elements.

crawlspace, air mover duct

Fish Hawk Crawlspace Drying

The Photo illustrates SERVPRO's expertise at rigging air movers with a flexible duct to facilitate the drying of a storm-damaged crawlspace in a Fish Hawk home. Rapid drying and decontamination can mitigate the flooding effects and minimize the replacement of insulation.

concrete pad, flood cuts, showing framing

Bloomingdale Flood Restoration

Our SERVPRO crew minimized the deconstruction of this Bloomingdale property with "flood cuts." We can remove and discard the wallboard, then spray the interior voids with an antimicrobial product. Once dried, we can then complete the build back.