Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

A doorway is sealed with plastic sheeting and taped closed for restoration purposes

Lithia SERVPRO Safety Measures Aid Restoration

SERVPRO’s emergency-response, 24-hour services are rendered by highly-trained technicians. The Lithia property in this photo required containment with polyethylene sheeting for containment, which helps speed up drying while also preventing the travel of microbes or soot particles.

Mostly sealed flooring near a fireplace with an assortment of electronics near a television

SERVPRO of Central Bloomingdale, Fish Hawk’s Responsiveness Can Save Electronics and Valuables

When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Bloomingdale, Fish Hawk can begin mitigation services 24/7. In this photo, a home required partial sealing on the floor, among other necessary tasks. The electronics shown are often restorable after a disaster.

demo of walls, poly plastic covering doorway

Bloomingdale Water Damage Drying

The water leak damaged the walls in this Bloomingdale home. SERVPRO provided a controlled demolition to remove the wallboard and set up a poly containment barrier to prevent dust from circulating, plus cutting down on the treatment area. The vinyl wallpaper was peeled to remove this as a vapor barrier while drying the sheetrock. This accelerates the drying time.

removed floor planks and drywall in a kitchen

Durrant Water Damage Restoration

The burst pipe flooded a portion of this kitchen, damaging the island's drywall and the laminated flooring. SERVPRO removed the non-salvageable drywall and the flooring to dry the areas using our advanced equipment. Once dried, we can build back the water-damaged area.

mold visible on the inside of an attic structure

Moldy Attic in Boyette

The high humidity in the Boyette area of the west coast of Florida can develop mold growth when attics are not sufficiently ventilated. SERVPRO can dispatch techs to remove the mold on the sheathing and trusses and lightly spray the insulation to exterminate most of the mold. Remediation is crucial to prevent costly secondary damages to the structure.

mold many colors on wall

Durant Mold Damage Remediation Needed

This house in Durant was unoccupied for several weeks during the off-season. The moisture accumulated in the wall and fueled dormant mold spores to germinate. SERVPRO can cut out the damaged section of the drywall, spray an antimicrobial agent, and close up the wall, "Like it never even happened."

white efflorescence on the block, dirt in crawl space

Fish Hawk Crawlspace Service

SERVPRO identifies this Fish Hawk crawlspace as moisture-laden, as shown by the efflorescence on the cinder block foundation wall. Mold spores are ready to germinate, which can damage the joists. We can install a dehumidifier along with an encapsulation service to rectify the dampness.