Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO team arrives to remove water from shopping mall after storm damage is endured.

SERVPRO Storm Damage Restoration is Underway After Hurricane Ian Floods Shopping Mall

Water damage crew is brought in after an emergency after-hours call is answered by our experts. Exemplifying “faster to any size disaster,” the team was in the building and drying our the space within the hour. 

SERVPRO dehumidifier and air scrubber near power tools in a bathroom with at least some removed drywall, partially removed wo

Demolition Saves a Riverview Bathroom from Water Damage

Riverview SERVPRO water cleanup technicians performed mold remediation for the bathroom in this photo, including partial demolition of wood flooring and drywall. Dehumidification, sealing, and HEPA-filter air scrubbers help dry the space while improving indoor air quality.

water stains, holes in ceiling from leak, cross beams showing

Fish Hawk Water Damaged Ceiling

The water from the pipe break in the attic damaged the ceiling in this Fish Hawk residence. SERVPRO soon arrived to begin the controlled demolition needed to remove non-salvageable materials and to expose the wet area for drying. We work to mitigate the water damage.

large water blister by ceiling, white wall

Water Leak in Fish Hawk Plumbing

The PEX water line leaked in the attic crawlspace of this Fish Hawk room resulting in the water blister pictured. SERVPRO can pierce the bubble, relieve the pressure and begin to patch the line and dry the area before repairing the water damage.

flooded restroom floor on brown tiles

Flooded Restroom in Bloomingdale

The burst water line flooded this Bloomingdale restroom overnight, leaving standing water on the tiled floor. SERVPRO arrived soon after the call, unclogged the floor drain, and set up air movers to complete the drying. There was no contamination, and the facility was soon reopened to the public.

removed wallboard, duct and air scrubbers, polly sheeting

Fish Hawk Water Damage Mitigation

The Photo illustrates the lengths that SERVPRO techs go to for mitigating water damage from a broken plumbing line in the attic. The flood cuts and vapor barrier isolate the water-damaged room as the air scrubber ports to the exterior odors and moisture.

water leaking from ceiling break

Bloomfield Leaking Ceiling

The water damage cause is rain that entered the attic and broke through the drywall paneled ceiling. SERVPRO techs can punch holes in the material to relieve pressure and allow the water to drain quickly. This also reduces the replacement amount. First, we discard, then we dry, and spray with an antimicrobial.

holes and water damage in the ceiling

Fish Hawk Ceiling Leak

The water damage in the ceiling of this Fish Hawk home resulted from a PEX line that burst inside the attic. Our SERVPRO team can remove the water-damaged drywall panels, dry out the exposed void, and build back the ceiling.